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Promotional Artwork

Getting “The Girl In The Blue Flame Cafe” ready for publication includes the creation of original artwork. I need to pick one promotional image from the three digitally composited images I’ve created here. I worked hard on them all, but I’m having a hard time deciding which one to use, so I’m hoping you will… (read more)

Happy International Book Giving Day

  February 14th isn’t just Valentine’s Day. it’s the International Book Giving Day, a wonderful initiative to promote literacy. Libreleft Books is celebrating by giving away “Inconstant Moon” eBooks to the first 5 people who

Adventures with Amazon Central

[This article is reprinted from the Laurel L. Russwurm, Author blog.] When you decide to self publish, it’s important to be as visible as possible. This is a big part of why I am all over the Internet, and why I’ve just set up my “Author Page” on Amazon Central. Unfortunately the Amazon page is… (read more)