Michael Harris at the Registry Theatre

Fair Vote Canada ~ Waterloo Region Chapter and Words Worth Books present

Michael Harris at the Registry Theatre

an afternoon with the Canadian journalist, author of “Party of One” at the Registry Theatre, Kitchener, Ontario. Susan Koswan was the MC. (Thanks Susan!)

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Fair Vote Canada ~ Waterloo Region Chapter
special thanks to Susan Koswan and Sharon Sommerville

Words Worth Books

The Registry Theatre
special thanks to Jack Cole

Bill C-51 is being fast tracked. As I write this, it has been passed by the House of Commons after a mere 2 days limited debate, and it is currently in review in the Senate.
Leadnow has an online write-a-letter-to-a-senator tool here:

Tell your Senator to #RejectFear and stop the Secret Police Bill C-51

If you don’t know anything about Bill C-51, it’s all over the Internet. The main thing is that it won’t actually protect anyone from terrorism, it might actually help terrorists if CSIS is spending all its energy spying on ordinary Canadians) but what it will certainly do is undermine our civil rights.

If you need assistance, check out my Youtube Playlist

Preserve the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Petitions

Green Party: Defend Our Rights And Freedoms

NDP: Tell Stephen Harper: We don’t have to choose between security and our rights

OPEN MEDIA: Tell the government to stop Bill C-51 before its too late


International petition:
Amnesty International: Bill C-51 Security Bill puts your Rights at Risk