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The trouble with Canadian Politics

The Shape of Green Things To Come


Cannabis Series:

Why is Cannabis Illegal?

The Road to Legalization

The Politics of Cannabis Legalization

Mike Schreiner: “The #Green Party does not support the Monopolization of #Marijuana”

Cannabis Lounges in KW?

Pardon Canadians Convicted for Possessing Marijuana!


Fee and Dividend vs. Cap and Trade

Canada’s Score: Climate Change Performance Index 2016

Don’t Let the Sun set on Canada’s PEARL

No Pipelines, Please #StopKM

Pipeline Town Hall Wednesday Night!

More To Do in Waterloo Region #FridaysforFuture

Stewards of Our Future: Protecting What We Love

Comment on #Bill66 ~ DEADLINE Sunday!

Bill 66: What You Need to Know


Our House Is On Fire

Don’t Miss “Partnering with Nature to Heal The Biosphere” Tonight!

#WRGreens: Inspiring Climate Action #ONpoli

A made-in-Ontario Climate Change Plan

Ontario Government picks our pockets? #ClimateAction #ONpoli

Omnibus #Bill66 meets Municipal Councils

Bill 71, Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act, 2019

Gazoduq Pipeline: Just Say Non!

My Submission to the Ontario Consultation: A made-in-Ontario climate change plan

#GLI Guaranted Livable Income

Guaranteed Livable Income Green Learning Community (2nd Session)

Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot: public survey

Save the Basic Income Pilot Project

Waterloo Region Free Christmas Dinners (2018)


A Day in the Park

Saturday is the WR Nonviolence Day In The Park!


Lest We Forget


Pharmacare Town Hall Wednesday!


Standing up for Social Justice

Iceland’s Capital Votes To Boycott All Israeli Products

Proposed GPC Policy on Israel and Palestine

Happy Human Rights Day!

Developmental Services Sector: Election 2018 Panel Discussion

Strollers vs Walkers

Security Certificates vs Human Rights

Hate Crime in Canada

How to Support Mi’kmaq Fishers Asserting Treaty Rights in Nova Scotia


Why Isn’t Ontario Protecting Our Water?


Clothes Swap

Community Access BikeShare

Waste Reduction in Waterloo Region

Earth Hour Tonight!

Hydro Rates are a good reason to Vote Green

Tis the Season for Gift Anxiety

Finding a Digital Public Domain Book


Why the Green Party Supports Proportional Representation

GPC Proportional Representation Toolbox

ERRE: The All Party Electoral Reform Committee

Celebrate Democracy Week in Waterloo Region

Canada’s Voting System Is Changing

Understanding Electoral Reform in Elmira

Why Online Voting is a Bad Idea for #ERRE

The #WRGreens want some #ERRE

PEI is a Proportional Representation Beacon #CDNpoli

Don’t Let Rookie Minister Bury #ProportionalRepresentation

Sign Petition e-616

Greens Joined Waterloo Region’s Rally For Proportional Representation

The #WRally4PR video is online

Reminding Liberals Rally!

Problematic Canadian Senators

#KeepYourPromise Tour: Debate or Discourse?

Lower The Voting Age!

Reminding Liberals

And Then There Were 10: New Brunswick Grows Greener

Canadian Political Housecleaning

Whoa!Canada Proportional Representation Series

  1. Proportional Representation For Canada
  2. What’s So Bad About First Past The Post?
  3. Democracy Primer
  4. Working for Democracy
  5. The Popular Vote
  6. Why Don’t We Have PR Already
  7. Stability
  8. Why No Referendum?
  9. Electoral System Roundup
  10. When Canadians learn about PR with CGP Grey
  11. Entitlement
  12. Proportional Representation vs. Alternative Vote
  13. #ERRE #Q Committee
  14. #ERRE #Q Meetings & Transcripts
  15. Take The Poll ~ #ERRE #Q
  16. Proportionality #ERRE #Q
  17. The Poll’s The Thing
  18. DIY Electoral Reform Info Sessions
  19. What WE Can Do for ERRE
  20. #ERRE today and Gone Tomorrow (…er, Friday)
  21. Redistricting Roulette
  22. #ERRE submission Deadline TONIGHT! 
  23. #ERRE Submission by Laurel L. Russwurm
  24. The Promise: “We will make every vote count” #ERRÉ
  25. FVC: Consultations Provide Strong Mandate for Proportional Representation #ERRÉ
  26. PEI picks Proportional Representation #ERRÉ
  27. There is only one way to make every vote count #ERRÉ
  28. Canada is Ready 4 Proportional Representation
  29. Sign the Petition e-616
  30. #ProportionalRepresentation Spin Cycle ~ #ERRÉ
  31. International Women’s Day 2017 ~ #IWD
  32. An Open Letter to ERRÉ Committee Liberals
  33. UK e-petition 168657 #ERRÉ

Canada’s Green Parties

The Green Party of Ontario on Bill 201

Elizabeth May’s midterm report for the Trudeau Administration

Congratulations #BCgreens ~ largest Green Caucus in Canadian History!

B.C. NDP & B.C. Greens Ratify Historic Agreement

BREAKING: The BC Election is Settled #bcpoli

Congratulations Mike Schreiner! #GPO

#GPC SGM 2016

2017 SGM Policy Ratification Results Are In!

WRGreens Slate of Candidates for 2018

WRGreens Campaign Launch

Congratulations WRGreens ~ We Made History!


Enhancing The Power of One Green

Mike Makes History (Again!)

Welcome WRGreens Candidates

PEI Greens: A Night of Firsts

Last Day to sign up to vote for the new #GPC Leader!

Go Green on Social Media

NEW!! People, Politics and Planet Podcast


Meet Mike at the Paris Fair!

Join #GPO leader Mike Schreiner at the 2017 Plowing Match!

Mike Schreiner gets ready to turn #Guelph Green in 2018!

Leadership Tour: Mike Schreiner in KW Thursday! #GPO2018

Meet Mike at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival #WRAwesome

A Sweet Saturday!

Calling all Artists, Art Lovers and Art Supporters!

Have a Green Thanksgiving!


Why does CityTV think it is Okay to Censor What Voters Need to Hear?


[Green Party Articles ghostwritten for candidate Bob Jonkman]

Canadian Greens Making History #IWD2021

TODAY is the day! Vote #GPCldr

More GPC Leadership Contest Events

TONIGHT: Why Canada needs Guaranteed Livable Basic Income

Green Party Leadership: Foreign Policy

If you want to vote, the clock is ticking #GPCleadership2020

Help choose our new Leader: Join the GPC

Green Party Leadership 2020

Green Party Leadership Debates

Elizabeth May appoints Jo-Ann Roberts Interim GPC Leader

#GreenWave 3 Things to Do In E-DAY 2019 in #BrantfordBrant

Catch the Green Wave!

Final #BrantfordBrant Debate TONIGHT! (Tue, 15 Oct 2019)

Join me for Green Drinks in Paris


[Green Party Articles written under my own byline]

Green BBQ & Social Fundraiser Tonight! (Sat, 12 Oct 2019)

The Election Sign Issue

Fall Fair Fun

Pre-Election Fun: Labor Day Weekend

Global Climate Strike March 15!

How to Vote

A Green Town Hall — Guelph, 8 October 2015

Foxboro Green Debate is Online!

Elizabeth May & Gord Miller Town Hall October 8th!

Rogers Local Campaign Kitchener-Conestoga All Candidate Debate

Must Watch: Rogers Cable Debate Today!

Chamber of Commerce All-Candidate Debate in Elmira