TEXT: Complete our Social Safety Net | Green Pandemic Recovery
• Guaranteed Livable Income (think a permanent CERB, but for everyone who needs it)
• Restore and expand Universal Healthcare to include Pharmacare and Basic Dental
• Bring Long Term Care under the Health Care umbrella
• Treat the Opiod Crisis like the public health emergency it is.
• Introduce Federal Standards on Sustainability and Accessibility for New Housing
• Incentivize the construction oh Affordable Market Housing
• Build and maintain federal Social Housing
• Stop saddling students with staggering debt– invest in the future.

Good Governance
• It’s time the Canadian Government put an end to colonial policy. Greens will consult with Indigenous peoples and follow TRC and MMIWG recommendations for Reconciliation.
• Canada is meant to be an accountable Representative Democracy. It is time for Proportional Representation.

Climate Action
Only the Green Party has the political will and science based plan to reach Net Zero Carbon economy by 2050– and policies to get us halfway there by 2030. Its time to stop subsidizing the fossil fuels that cause Climate Change.

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