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Bob Jonkman 2019 trifold Candidate brochure Front

Bob Jonkman 2019 trifold Candidate brochure Top
This page with be folded twice to create a 6 page brochure.
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Page 3 Mission:Possible
It is possible to support workers and businesses in our shift to a low carbon economy.
It is possible to shift workers with transferable skills to well paid jobs in the new Green Economy.
It is possible to transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable future for our children.
Canadians deserve immediate, fair and decisive action ob the climate emergency, providing equity and security for both society and the economy.
We have the solutions. What we need are MPs with the political will to act.
[image: Bob Jonkman, Elizabeth May and others hold green GPO “Jobs, People, Planet” signs at Mike Schreiner’s Guelph campaign office.]

Page 6 [Elizabeth May pictured in a circle over her quotation]
“It is time to *stop* debating what is possible and start doing what is necessary.”
Green Party Climate Action Plan
• Slash greenhouse gas emissions 60% by 2030 and to zero by 2050
• Create millions of new jobs retrofitting residential, commercial and industrial buildings to carbon neutral.
• Connect Canada in a smart renewable grid.
• Expand and electrify public transit
• Invest in developing green technology and end fossil fuel subsidies.
• Launch a massive cross-Canada tree-planting initiative.
• Help rural and urban municipalities prepare and adapt to the changing climate.
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Brantford-Brant Greens
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Page 1 [Candidate Photo of Bob Jonkman]
Vote Your Values
Bob Jonkman
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